Friday, June 27, 2014

San Francisco's Food Trucks Have Gone to the Dogs... Bark Appetit!

Building on the Bay Area's 'Off the Grid' food truck trend, San Francisco-based Milo's Kitchen is launching this Friday the Bay Area's first mobile food experience for dogs and their pet parents.

With planned stops in Marina Green and Point Isabel Dog Park, the Milo's Kitchen Treat Truck will offer all of the Bay Area's gour-mutts the chance to:

*  Taste 100% real chicken and beef home-style dog treats like Chicken Meatballs and Grilled Burger Bites -- all proudly made in the USA
*  Take a free family photo or "doggie selfie" (does this collar make me look cute?) in a professional canine-ready photo booth
*  Socialize with other four-legged friends in the backyard-style lapdog lounge
*  Take a relaxing 'walk break' with dog beds, drinking bowls, and puppy toys
*  Bring home a doggie bag of tasty treats for lucky labs and hungry hounds

The Milo's Kitchen Treat Truck is entirely free to the public -- bring the whole family -- and will be making the following planned stops:

Friday, June 27, from 5:00 to 8:00 pm (Tour Kickoff)  Marina Green
 (parking lot off of Scott St.)  A short walk from the 'Off the Grid'
Fort Mason food trucks.

Saturday, June 28, at 7:30 am (event end time is flexible)  Point
 Isabel Dog Park (2701 Isabel St., Richmond)

Surprise Saturday stops in Richmond will be posted at:

The full treat truck tour schedule can be found at:

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

TOKYObay Celebrates the Golden Gate Bridge!

San Francisco-based TOKYObay celebrates the city by honoring the beloved Golden Gate Bridge. The brand has teamed up with the nonprofit Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy to create an International Orange watch exclusively for the iconic landmark. Referencing the striking clock atop the Bridge’s toll plaza, proceeds from the sales of these watches support the educational and visitor programs at the Golden Gate Bridge.

The TOKYObay brand itself draws inspiration from the Bay Area – its name is derived from founders Dory Isaacs and Jun Kobayashi, who are from San Francisco and Tokyo (respectively). The custom watches, available with both white and redfaces, feature superior quartz movement, premium leather strap, a crystal glass lens, brushed brass case, stainless steel back and buckle, plus glow-in-the-dark hour, minute and second hand.

TOKYObay’s Golden Gate Bridge watches are available exclusively through, as well as on-site at the bridge’s brick & mortar gift shop

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Get Healthy-Looking Hands With Skyy Hadley's At-Home Remedy

Just because the warm weather is here, that doesn’t mean our hands are safe from flakiness and dehydration. We have to be extra careful not to let our hands dry up from the high temperatures, low humidity, constant washing of hands, and sun exposure. Below is a quick at-home remedy to combat dry, summer hands from celebrity manicurist and owner of As U Wish Nail Spa, Skyy Hadley! See below for Skyy’s expert tips and let me know if you have any questions! xx

Skyy Hadley’s Luxury Rejuvenating Hot Cream At-Home Hand Treatment
  • Remove all nail polish with a gentle polish remover
  • Begin by sloughing off dead and dry skin from palms and backs of hands with a homemade sugar scrub (salt scrubs can be drying or irritating)
  • Mix sugar, a few drops of vegetable glycerin and an uplifting essential oil like peppermint or rosemary in a medium-sized bowl. 
  • Gently rub hands together to scrub away dullness. 
  • Remove scrub with a warm wet cloth.
  • Do NOT soak fingers in water, as doing so will actually draw the moisture OUT of your skin.  Instead, heat up 2 plastic baggies full of a thick, luxurious cream and add a few drops of an invigorating essential oil such as tangerine, ylang ylang, or chamomile.
  • Heat until very warm but not too hot, then place hands in bags for about 2 minutes, allowing moisture to penetrate the skin.  
  • Remove hands from bag and massage cream into skin, wiping off any excess. 
  • Your hands should instantly feel smooth and look radiant! 

Summer's Hottest Shoe Trend: Gladiator Sandals!

Whether you have embraced the trend or avoided it at all costs, gladiator sandals is the new "it" shoe for summer! The strappy shoes are anything but ancient history. Reimagined in glam metallics and eye-catching patterns with sleek accents and unexpected details, this season's version is unstoppable!

 Do not fret, the sandals that once got a bad rep for being hard to pull off, now offer varying straps and heel heights to flatter everyone. Shop the hottest shoe of the Summer and channel your inner Greek Goddess! 

These and other gorgeous styles are all available at Sears!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Reasons to Eat Local

How Committed is Your State to Local Foods?
Physician-Chef Shares 4 Reasons You Should Care
Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire, respectively, claimed the top three spots in the 2014 Locavore Index, a ranking of each state’s (and the District of Columbia’s) commitment to promoting and providing locally grown foods.

At the bottom of the heap are Arizona, Nevada and Texas, with the Lone Star State dead last despite the fact that it’s the nation’s No. 1 cattle producer and No. 3 for crops receipts, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

“There are many good reasons to eat locally produced foods, the first among them that they’re very good for us,” says cardiologist and professional chef Michael S. Fenster, MD, (, author of “Eating Well, LivingBetter” and “The Fallacy of the Calorie,” (Koehler Books; fall 2014).

“There’s a direct relationship between our food, our environment, our genetics and our health. Eating locally grown foods gives us our most nutritious meals, most flavorful meals. Few choices have as many personal ramifications as that which we decide to stuff into our gob.”
He offers four more reasons – “the tip of the iceberg lettuce, so to speak” -- to go localvore:

•  Money: Eating organically, eating fresh and finding the seasonal local foodstuffs can be expensive – if you do all your shopping at the supermarket, Dr. Mike says.
“Finding healthful produce at venues like a local farmer's market can result in prices that are at least comparable, if not substantially less than, those at the megamarket, which has the additional costs of shipping from the nether regions,” he says. 
Likewise, visiting a local fishmonger can result in tasty bargains compared to flash-frozen fish flesh. Shopping for what is bountifully in season, and thus locally overstocked, can mean big savings.
“Finally, by purchasing items produced locally, your money strengthens the local economy and helps sustain the people producing the types of food stuffs that you wish to sustain yourself upon,” he says. “That is the smiley face circle of life.”

•  Freshness: In some ways, it’s amazing we’re alive considering all the food we eat that’s dead, Dr. Mike says, noting almost 60 percent of the modern Western diet is prepackaged, preserved and processed.
“Any time we manipulate our comestibles in such a fashion, we add compounds that are not naturally found in them or remove parts that are,” he says. “Those pre-cut vegetables in the supermarket may be convenient, but they started losing nutritional value and flavor as soon as they were sliced and diced.”
Because local growers don’t have to add preservatives or pick produce weeks early to ensure they’ll produce will keep during shipping, local foods can be consumed at the peak of freshness and ripeness – when they taste their very best.

•  Rhythms: Our great hairy ancestors have always been omnivores.
“There is ample evidence that the reason we as a species became the smartest kids on the block is that we took advantage of a varied diet.  This hardwired drive for diversity in dining is also one reason why restrictive diets that seek to severely limit what we consume almost always, ultimately fail,” Dr. Mike says.
By leveraging the seasonal and cyclic variations that naturally occur, your palate will never become dull and monochromatic, he promises.  A pleasant dining experience directly lights up our primal happy-happy joy-joy place, an experience that contributes directly to overall well-being. 

•  Sustainability: All the reasons for purchasing high-quality ingredients locally ultimately circle back and rest upon the concept of sustainability. In knowing where your food comes from, in being able to ascertain both what it contains and what it does not contain, you take a proactive step in determining your own health and wellness, Dr. Mike says.
By focusing on procuring the best for you and those who depend upon you, you act to sustain yourself and your family. By affecting such a posture, you deliver local impact.
“With enough people acting locally, the impact becomes regional and if enough people demand control over their foodstuffs then, like a crazy cat video gone viral, it can have a global effect.”

About Michael S. Fenster, MD

Michael Fenster, M.D., F.A.C.C., FSCA&I, PEMBA, is a board-certified interventional cardiologist. Also known as “Dr. Mike,” author of “Eating Well, Living Better: The Grassroots Gourmet Guide to Good Health and Great Food,” (, he combines his culinary talents and Asian philosophy with medical expertise, creating winning recipes for healthy eating. A certified wine professional and chef, Dr. Mike worked professionally in kitchens prior to entering medical school and maintained his passion for food and wine throughout his medical career. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Check Out NYC's New Order-in Manicure Service- cityMANI

cityMANI, a chic new nail care service, is revolutionizing the salon experience in New York City by allowing customers to make appointments in their home, office or happy place. For women on the go, this is where beauty gets convenient as cityMANI operates all the time, allowing customers to get their nails done whenever and wherever they would like.

“Whether you’re a workaholic, socialite or busy mom, finding the time to go to the salon and treat yourself is something that often falls to the bottom of your to-do list,” said Co-Founder, Cari DeCoons. “With the click of a button, cityMANI will bring a quality manicure directly to your fingertips.”

For a more social experience, customers have the option to purchase Polish Party, ManiBAR and Mani’s for Mini’s packages which accommodate groups. Whether it’s a bridal shower, girl’s night in, client event or a birthday party for your child, cityMANI will come to your destination of choice stocked with a full range of colors from CND’s line of long-lasting VINYLLUX nail polish. cityMANI can also arrive as a gift for your best friend, co-worker, client, mother or bride.

cityMANI operates with a staff of 20+, all of whom are trained to levels of undeniable expertise by editorial manicurist, Gerry Holford. Holford made a name for herself in the cosmetic industry during New York Fashion Week as she painted nails for designers such as Tommy Hilfiger, Donna Karan, Proenza Schouler and Thakoon. She currently works on commercial and campaign work to create custom nail colors for brands like Banana Republic, Nicholas K and Steven Alan. She also works with clients such as Michael Kors, Saks Fifth Ave and Swarovski.
Customers may choose from the following packages:

  • Individual Manicure, $34 (Standing appointments available)
  • Multiple Manicures, (2-5 people) $23 per person
  • Signature Polish Party, (6-11 people) $21 per person (20% administrative fee applies)
  • Mommy & Me Manicure, $35 includes mom & child (20% administrative fee applies)  Like mommy, like daughter has never been so cute! Let cityMANI give your mini their first mani and have your colors match each other’s! cityMANI uses an adorable selection of 5-Free polishes so your child's nails can be as safe as they are cute!
  • Mani's for Mini's Party Package, $350 for up to 10 girls, $25 per additional guest (20% administrative fee applies)  This party package brings the polish, glitter, fun nail art and plenty of jewels to select from to create the perfect mini-mani for your child and their friends. Parties include a salon themed gift for all of the girls and are appropriate for ages 4-12.
  • ManiBAR Party Package, Custom Pricing Available (20% administrative fee applies)  This party package is truly a unique addition to your next corporate event, private party, trade show or even bar/bat-mitzvah or sweet sixteen! This personalized manicure station can be customized and tailored to a specific theme. Have the focus of your celebration or colors of your event or even logo be the inspiration behind a "signature manicure".
  • ManisForCure Fundraisers, Custom Pricing Available (20% administrative fee applies, client must provide 501c3 upon booking.)  This party package allows you to add a cityMANI station to your next fundraiser, charity event or run/walk event and raise money with every manicure. CityMANI will help you create a suggested donation price for the mini manicures provided and then donate it to the charity organization of your choice. Signature manicures and custom color choices to reflect specific charity organizations available.

Understanding the true value of a fresh manicure, cityMANI is embarking on a journey to give manicures a whole new meaning through its philanthropic arm, ManisforCures. ManisforCures will build a community of manicure enthusiasts looking to add some color to the lives of those who might need it most by volunteering their time giving manicures to women in shelters, hospitals and nursing homes.

“We believe that something as simple as a manicure, can brighten someone's day in just a matter of minutes and put a smile on their face while giving them some much needed pampering,” says Co-Founder, Erika London. “Our goal with cityMANI is to add color to the world, one manicure at a time!”

The cityMANI corporate team is comprised of Co-Founder Cari DeCoons, Co-Founder Erika London and Chief Branding Officer Michael Lohan. All cityMANI appointments must be made at least 24 hours in advance. For more information or to book a manicure, please visit 

Nautica goes bold this Summer!

Go bold this summer with the Nautica NSR 103 Sport Watch.  Check out all the colors the watch comes in below…and it’s only $125.

LORAC PRO Palette 2 is Finally HERE!!

In celebration of the sequel to original, best-selling PRO Palette, Celebrity Makeup Artist and Founder, Carol Shaw has shot a tutorial with the PRO Palette 2, showcasing just some of the many looks you can create with this new beauty essential:

With 8 shimmer/8 matte shades in cooler tones, PRO Palette 2 gives you the tools you need to re-create the latest Fall makeup trends – just like a PRO!

The palette officially launches exclusively on and retails for $42.

Follow LORAC Social Channels:
- Instagram: @loraccosmetics
- Facebook:
- Twitter: @LORAC_Cosmetics
- Tumblr: 


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Free Food!!! Check Out Spike's FRANKENFOOD Truck in San Francisco This Week!!

Taste buds feeling adventurous? For five days, Spike’s FRANKENFOOD truck will be cruising the streets of San Francisco, dishing out some of the most inventive, delicious and unexpected snacks known to mankind. Anyone for Fruity Pebbles Chicken and Mango Habanero Lollipops? FRANKENFOOD is defined as revolutionary culinary creations that mash up original and unexpected food combinations. It’s also the name of a new competition series coming to Spike TV. And thanks to our friends at Spike, the nice people of San Francisco will be getting free bite size samples of Spike’s favorite FRANKENFOODS like Spam Sushi, Fried Slim-Jim Mac-N-Cheese Balls, Espresso Crusted Chicken Tacos and more! So stay hungry because FRANKENFOOD is coming your way!

Monday 11am - 3pm: 428 11th. St., San Francisco
Tuesday 6pm- 12am: 1425 Folsom Street, San Francisco
Wednesday 11a – 2p: 209 Redword Shores Prkway, Redwood City
Thursday 11a – 2p: Devry University; 6600 Dumbarton Circle 94555
Friday 11am - 2pm: 888 Brannan St. San Francisco

Drab to Fab in Seconds!

Take your summer style from drab to fab in no time at all with bold accessories and vibrant colors! 

#BornToRule  #VWPrincess #spon #ruleyourstyle @Kohls

Monday, June 16, 2014

Hot Summer Style With Caress® Juicy Escape™ Fresh Collection Body Wash

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Caress® via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Caress®. 

Summer style is all about looking totally hot on those sizzling summer days while showing off just the right amount of silky smooth skin.  

This summer I am taking my fashion inspiration from the glorious sunflower fields of Tuscany.  Rich, golden color infused with the warmth of the Italian countryside invokes the nostalgia of sultry summer nights.  

Glorious golden yellow  is rocking the runways this summer and making a vibrant fashion statement.  From breezy sundresses and sweet espadrilles to fun bright summer accessories.  I just adore the look of a pair of crisp white denim capris paired with a golden yellow silky top.  Add a pair of great wedge sandals, a chic chapeau and a stack of bangles and you are good to go!  Whether you are meeting your besties for a leisurely bistro lunch or spending the afternoon strolling along the boardwalk you're sure to set a chic fashion standard this season.

When the temps start to climb it's also important to keep your skin silky smooth and hydrated.  This summer I am keeping my skin soft, smooth and sweetly scented with Caress® Juicy Escape™ Fresh Collection Body Wash - my go to source for awakening my senses and treating my skin to much needed hydration.

Caress® Juicy Escape™ Fresh Collection Body Wash, is infused with sun-kissed lily and pink grapefruit essence.  Sparkling scents surprise your senses while lush, uplifting lather envelopes your skin leaving it delicately scented and beautifully fresh. Best of all, a little goes a long way with Caress® Juicy Escape™  Fresh Collection Body Wash! The rich lather is lightly scented and very refreshing.  It is very gentle, leaving my skin feeling smooth and silky, and is wonderful for shaving - especially on my super sensitive skin.

The Caress® Fresh collection wraps your skin in vibrant scents and hydrating lather, leaving it revitalized and delicately scented. Try the new Caress® Fresh Collection and revitalize your skin like never before.

Kérastase 50th Anniversary Sale

This year, the leader in luxury haircare, Kérastase Paris, turns 50!

Over the last five decades, Kérastase has set a standard in the professional haircare industry as they continue to prove themselves a pioneer with technological advances, a commitment to developing the highest-performing haircare solutions and the promise of hair transformation to women everywhere.

To celebrate 50 Years of Excellence, the brand is offering consumers a 19.64% discount at to commemorate their year of creation – 1964.

Start Date: Monday, 6/16 at 6am EST
End Date: Friday, 6/20 at 3am EST
Promo Code: K1964

Offer: 19.64% off and free shipping with any order

Follow Kérastase Paris:
Twitter: @KérastaseUSA
Instagram: kerastaseusa

Friday, June 13, 2014

Orange is the new Black!

America’s latest TV obsession may be back for its second season, but that’s not the only thing that’s hot about the color orange right now –it’s also having a moment in the world of fashion. To celebrate our favorite color for summer, we put together some options featuring the on-trend hue from Slater Zorn, Stella & Jamie, Tangerine NYC, Patricia Nash, LANY, Peepers and TOYKOBay:

Arena Silk Tee from Slater Zorn.

Stud Clutch from LANY.

Tangerine Solid Top from Tangerine NYC.

Armor Watch from

Xenon Skort from Stella & Jamie

Vasta Backpack from Patricia Nash

Rainbow Bright readers from Peepers.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Kick-start Your Style With Sassy Summer Sandals!!

A New Take On Summer Fruits

  1. Dana's Bakery Watermelon Mac of the Month ($30.00, A little slice of summer, you can even eat the chocolate seeds!
  2.  Burt’s Bees Nourishing Coconut and Pear Lip Balm ($3.30,
  3. Pucker up to hydrate your lips with a sweet, light kiss of coconut oil Stur Drinks Liquid Water Enhancer ( A mouthwatering and naturally sweetened blend of oranges and mangos - tastes natural, not chemical or processed. Add Stur to your water or seltzer 
  4. Burt’s Bees Grapefruit Towelettes ($6.00, Invigorating pink grapefruit towelettes cleanse away pore-clogging dirt, oil, and even makeup, for naturally clean skin

Under $35 sale at J Crew Factory

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Easy, DIY Styles for Guests of Summer Weddings!

Summer is upon us and wedding season will soon be in full swing!  Since you are likely to be attending a wedding or other special event this season, and whether you are getting ready in a hotel room or at home, Jenny Balding, Cutler/Redken Stylist, provides easy, DIY hair styles that you can recreate!

Disheveled Halo Braid

This is the perfect way to have style your hair if your attending a wedding in the heat of summer.  You never have to worry about it all day and night!  This would look best on an open neckline e.g strapless or thin like straps.
Create a middle part and split the hair into two sections
Braid each section starting just behind the chair 
Bring one braid over the top and secure with hair pin behind ear
Use the hair hair pin like an anchor and twist it back on itself. This is the perfect to disguise and secure your halo braid.
Then secure through the top sections if necessary with a couple of hair pins
Repeat on other side

Sleek Center Braid
This is perfect for summer wedding as it keeps your hair off your face but still allows you to wear your hair down and works with any neckline!
Blow dry very straight by using a smoothing, straightening lotion 
Section a mohawk section of 2" width coming into a point at the nape
Use a dry shampoo on this section to create texture and grip to the hair
Reverse braid from the hairline right down to the nape and secure with small band
If necessary, finish by using straightening irons to the loose hair  to create a sleek, polished feel.

Monday, June 09, 2014

Get Your Smile Wedding Season Ready with Pearl

Preparing for a season of wedding celebrations?  Whether you’re the bride, bridesmaid or attending as a guest, give your smile a makeover and achieve professional teeth whitening at-home thanks to the PearlGentle White Ionic Teeth Whitening System. 

Pearl is the first and only at-home whitening system to utilize revolutionary patented ionic technology.  The systems gentle micro-current activates an ionic whitening gel to erase years of embedded stains, achieving a whiter and brighter smile with virtually no sensitivity to the teeth. 

In simple, five minute treatments, Pearl Gentle White Ionic Teeth Whitening System’s comfortable hands-free mouth tray can be used to reveal a brighter, whiter smile while getting your hair done, or when applying your makeup – it’s hands-free!  

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Will You Accept This (Wild) Rose? June is National Rose Month!

Whether you have a group date or a coveted 1-on-1 date this June, Korres Natural Products has a collection formulated with wild rose oil (a natural source of Vitamin C!) to moisturize and brighten any complexion. Fall in love with some of the Korres Wild Rose products, including a sleeping facial, cleanser and lip butter.

·         Wild Rose + Vitamin C Advanced BrighteningSleeping Facial: A facial treatment to address uneven skintone and dark spots while improving skin quality for a brighter, more luminous complexion.

·         Wild Rose Daily Brightening & Refining BuffCleanser: A gentle skin brightening cleanser powered by wild rose that exfoliates skin naturally using a dual-action process to uncover even, luminous skin.

·         Wild Rose Lip Butter: A rich, buttery lip balm that melts on the lips and offers a shiny, tinted finish.

Don’t miss this rose ceremony! All Korres products are available for purchase on

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

AELLA- from Paris to the Hamptons: the Perfect Travel Pant

From Paris, NYC to St. Barth's to the Hamptons, it’s all about jet setting this year! Since we know how precious suitcase space is and how every extra inch counts, AELLA has solved the issue of how to easily look chic while traveling. Whether it is travel for business or for pleasure, AELLA is keeping you stylish whether strolling through the Parisian markets to sauntering right into an elegant dinner party.

Regardless if the choice is the culottes trend, the classic skinny or a fashion forward wide leg, AELLA is comfortable and wrinkle resistant, ideal for wearing on a plane and walking right into the board meeting. Additionally, the pants DO NOT have to be dry cleaned, perfect for washing on the go. A money and timesaver indeed!

About Aella:

Aella, the new luxe minimalist essentials collection with focusing on pants officially launches for Spring 2014 and promises to be a tailored triumph. From Amazons and suffragettes to style icons such as Bianca Jagger, pants are undeniably the mark of the modern woman. When AELLA founder and designer Eunice Cho couldn’t find the perfect tailored pant, she created them with a winning formula: “Everyone has her favorite leggings and skinny jeans but never a pair of go-to trousers. I wanted to create pants that women can slip into for instant polish and actually feel chic in them year after year.” Crafted with the comfort of leggings, the versatility of jeans and the sophistication of suiting, the California-based line sources the softest, strongest Italian jersey specially knit and sustainably produced in premium fabric mills.

Aella offers contemporary details such as contoured seaming, exposed zippers and leather accents bring a crisp, cool and chic finish. With the careful craftsmanship and detail put into each piece, the brand successfully achieves a covetable combination of being classic yet modern, allowing women to build a complete wardrobe in a range of core colors and inspired fashion silhouettes.
To learn more, or see a lookbook, go to

Monday, June 02, 2014

Kate Spade Saturday Has Arrived on MyHabit!

Kate Spade Saturday is...Cool, colorful and playful. Casual and chic. It's all about bringing the weekend spirit to every day of the week. Shop women’s apparel, jewelry, shoes, handbags and home goods by Kate Spade Saturday at up to 60% off from June 3rd to 6th! 

Kate Spade Saturday Top Picks
Event Starts June 3 at 9 AM PT / Event Ends June 6 at 9 AM PT

Kate Spade Saturday Handbags
Event Starts June 3 at 9 AM PT / Event Ends June 6 at 9 AM PT 

Kate Spade Saturday Dresses & More
Event Starts June 3 at 9 AM PT / Event Ends June 6 at 9 AM PT

Kate Spade Saturday Home Accents
Event Starts June 3 at 9 AM PT / Event Ends June 6 at 9 AM PT

Kate Spade Saturday Jewelry
Event Starts June 3 at 9 AM PT / Event Ends June 6 at 9 AM PT

Kate Spade Saturday Shoes
Event Starts June 3 at 9 AM PT / Event Ends June 6 at 9 AM PT

Kate Spade Saturday Accessories
Event Starts June 3 at 9 AM PT / Event Ends June 6 at 9 AM PT

Sweet Summer Style With Caress® Fresh Collection Aqua Sparkle™

“Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Caress® via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Caress®.

Summer style is all about staying cool and comfortable while looking totally hot/haute!  When the temps start creeping into the triple digits fashionistas everywhere are on the lookout for styles that are fresh and breezy, and yet show off just the right amount of silky smooth skin.  

This summer I am taking my fashion inspiration from the sea - specifically the calming aqua blue waters of the Caribbean.  Think relaxing on a beach lounge chair, sipping a pina colada while the tropical ocean breeze wafts gently over your sun kissed skin.   A total relaxation/vacation mindset!  

Aqua blue is rocking the runways this season in a big way, from summery dresses and strappy sandals to fun accessories and handbags.  For perfect casual summer style I just love the look of a breezy cami, white shorts and a pair of sweet wedges. 

Want to take it up a notch?  How about am amazing cocktail dress that fits and flatters your figure, and a pair of sky-high skyscrapers to lengthen your silky smooth legs.  Finish with a stack of bangles at the wrist and a sweet little bag for your girly essentials and you are totally rocking a great summer style.

Since summer style also means you will be baring a bit more skin, it's important to keep your skin silky smooth and hydrated.  Nothing spoils the effect of a great sundress more than crocodile skin!  This summer I am keeping my skin soft, smooth and sweetly scented with Caress® Aqua Sparkle™ Fresh Collection Body Wash - my go to source for awakening my senses and treating my skin to much needed hydration.

Caress® Aqua Sparkle™ Fresh Collection Body Wash has a crisp, sparkling scent that is infused with lilac blossom and aquamarine essence.  Sparkling scents surprise your senses while lush, invigorating lather envelopes your skin leaving it delicately scented and beautifully fresh.  One of the things I love most about Caress® Aqua Sparkle™ Fresh Collection Body Wash is that a small amount goes a long way, creating a very rich lather that is lightly scented and very refreshing.  It is very gentle, leaving my skin feeling smooth and silky, and is wonderful for shaving - especially on my super sensitive skin.

The Caress® Fresh collection wraps your skin in vibrant scents and hydrating lather, leaving it revitalized and delicately scented. Try the new Caress® Fresh Collection and revitalize your skin like never before.