Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Inspired by the French Riviera: Très Chic Sunglasses

Lafont—inspired by beaches, bikes and boats—pays homage to Ile de Porquerolles by naming its charming cat eye-inspired sunglasses PORQUEROLLES. 

Read more about the French Riviera's last frontier in Conde Nast Traveler'sApril issue.

How to look like a French ingénue: Lafont PORQUEROLLES ($399) available at viziooptic.com.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Festival Essential: The Mighty Purse

With festival season upon us, break away from predictable floral trends this Spring by adding fun touches of fringe and texture to your ensembles. 

The Mighty Purse by H & Butler is not only  fashionable but also functional as each style is equipped with a built in charger allowing you to keep your phone going throughout your long concert-going days.  

Whether you are planning to attend Coachella, Governor’s Ball, Bonnaroo or Lollapalooza, the gorgeous selection of lovely leather colors and styles available in The Mighty Purse make it the perfect accessory to bring along!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring Clean Your Make-up Bag!

Spring is finally here and it's time to clean out and update your makeup bag!  Out with the old and in with the new.  Makeup that is.  Check out a few of our favorite beauty basics  – for face, lips, hair to help you multitask and cover all your bases!

I always reach for the amazing Scunci 3x Stronger Braided Hair Ties because they’re fun, cute and keep my hair in place no matter what!

I love the Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C BB Cream for an additionaly SPF 15 boost before heading out of the door – but not before applying my trusty Tone Corrector serum to work on skincare even when I’m outside!

CANNOT forget about the super pigmented Smashbox lip glosses – so may gorgeous and vibrant hues to choose from!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Paris Fashion Week Inspiration: Chic on a Budget!

Chic on a Budget style inspirations from Chanel Fall/Winter 2015 featuring Scunci, TouchBack and Lumene!

Sleek Pony – Try the Scunci Ponytailers for a smooth look to your low pony, in prints or solids!

Sporty Chic – Nothing better than the classic Effortless BeautyHeadbands by Scunci for a secured fit and stylish appearance!

That clear, glowing skin? I’m sure they have tons of dermatology appointments, but received this results with just one gorge bottle: the Lumene Time Freeze Ultra-Firm Elixir impacts a STUNNING glow with peptides and antioxidants galore!

Finally, for fading hair or root touch ups (yes...effortless chic requires hair color maintenance!) look no further than TouchBack System – a shampoo, conditioner, root touch up and instant wand root touch up.  It’s the first -- and only -- total system of temporary hair color for use between permanent colorings.  There’s something here for EVERYONE.  The color depositing Shampoo and color depositing Conditioner are designed to be used together to add back color.  They also repair damage and smooth hair while providing deep hydration. Available at CVS.

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Get the Look: Daniel Rainn Does Hippie-Chic for Less!

Hippie-Chic is everywhere this season, even with powerhouse brands like Gucci! Get this look for a whole lot less from Daniel Rainn with this psyched-out printed dress for a groovy 70s-inspired look!

Get the Look for Less:  Daniel Rainn 
does Hippie-Chic

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Get Gorgeous Nails with Perfect Formula!

Beautiful, healthy nails from Perfect Formula 
Which is the one for you?

Let's face it: we all have issues when it comes to nail health. Luckily, Perfect Formula is a line of pioneering tonics and products infused with technology to strengthen your nails and help you realize gorgeous natural nails.

Pick which one is best for you and email us to request samples for your editorials.

Gel Coat: A five-star formula for natural nail care
Gel Coat transforms brittle, thin, or weak nails into thick, healthy natural beauties. The protein-rich coating of the Gel Coat instantly strengthens, and protects natural nails so they can grow strong and long.
Pink Gel Coat: The “Suit of Armor” for your nails
Your knight in shiny-pink armor!  With just one coat of Pink Gel Coat, nails immediately appear healthier.  This pretty product does double duty – both beautifying and strengthening your nails.
Repair Coat: Repair and Protect
If you’ve had a UV gel manicure, you’re likely familiar with the havoc the removal process can wreak on your nails. Repair Coat is a protective base coat that is specifically designed to repair nails damaged from soak-off gels and acrylics. The formula is infused with Jojoba Oil, Biotin, Keratin, and Vitamin E to condition and strengthen nail beds while filling in ridges for a smoother feel.
Daily Moisture: Condition and Moisturize
Hydration to the rescue! This amazing hydrating tonic rejuvenates and balances the moisture in both your nails and cuticles. It is infused with rich jojoba oil and keratin, and is a great cuticle treatment and nail moisturizer.
Manicure Booster: For the perfect manicure
Wear it beautiful, wear it long! This perfect formula primes and seals your nails, extending the wear of your nail polish. Manicure Booster works by coating natural nails with a glaze that nail polish can adhere to.
Perfect Formula can be purchased in all Sephora stores nationwide and online at sephora.com.

Perfect Formula, established in 2002, is a luxury nail care line created and independently owned by beauty industry veteran and QVC spokesperson Shari Gottesman.  The goal was to create the best nail polish and lacquer products for stronger nails and longer wear.  Believing that it was important for all women to have beautiful nails.  The collection boasts 25 products, including polishes, treatments, tools and nail kits. Perfectly Formula is available in the following countries: USA, Germany, UK and Italy and sold on: QVC, QVC.com, Sephora, Sephora.com, joyus.com and Perfectformulas.com.  Retail prices range from $10 - $30.

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Full & fluttery lashes FAST!

Flawlessly full & fluttery lashes without traditional extensions!
Two best sellers - Now available in a convenient, double-ended tool, tarte’s revolutionary lash extending fibers and best-selling mascara work together to build on your natural lashes, making them instantly appear full, fluttery and fabulous – it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3: mascara, fibers, mascara! 

Try tarte to go™!
Perfectly portable for on-the-go application.

Monday, March 02, 2015

Spring Clean Your Beauty Bag!

Spring is nearly here (fingers crossed!) and it's time for the out-with-the-old and in-with-the-new!  Clear out those old beauty products and give your skin and hair a fresh start for spring with these fabulous picks from some of our favorite sources:

The NEW Nios Shield SPF 15 for SCALP – available in Leave in Conditioner AND Whipped Hair Gel! Nios is serving an unmet need in hair styling by offering all the benefits of haircare with Argan oil, wheat protein, Vitamins B & E, and SPF 15 protection all in one product!

Make sure to carry the amazing Infiniti Pro Argan Oil Treatment Strip Finishing brush from Conair and top if off with Scunci’s fun new Ponytailers for a burst of color!

SUN BUM’s original collection, which includes the amazing SPF 30 Clear Face Stick! Don’t forget to swipe on SPF 30 moisturizing Lip Balm! And for added Vitamin C, the Bright Now Vitamin C Beauty Drops from LUMENE are the most effective little capsules – packed with brightening and correcting extracts to even skintone over time.