Sunday, May 31, 2015

How to Throw a Fancy Tea Party Birthday!!

I am all about the party, so when my BFF's little girl wanted a fancy tea party for her 5th birthday
 I was thrilled to be in on the action!  Since time and money were a bit on the short side
we found all sorts of fabulous ways to make the party special without breaking the bank.

Simple decorations outside...

Inside Decor...
We used a pop-up tent and set it up in their play room so that we could have decorations hanging above the tea tables.  We put together 3 long tables to make one large "Fancy Tea Table" because 18 of the 20 children we invited came to the party!  Streamers, Doilies, and of course PINK!

The Food...
Tiny treats for those with a sweet tooth. Mini cupcakes, eclairs and tiny tea sandwiches.
(And since we didn't want to break the bank buying fancy tiered trays to display the goodies, we created
our own by turning a teacup upside down on a dinner plate, then balancing a salad plate on top!
 VoilĂ !  Instant tiered tea cake display!

The Cake...
Believe it or not, this was my BFF's first attempt at fondant.  It was like playing with playdough.
She covered the cake with fondant flowers, and adorned it with a tiny fairy tea set.
The birthday girl LOVED her fancy cake.

The People...
Luckily, we have great family members who were willing to dress-up and put on an act for the kids, from the Queen Mother to a butler all decked out in a tuxedo and top hat!

Kids decorated name cards and placed them at the Giant Tea Table
in the open spot where they wanted to sit.

We played a Tea Party Spoon race outside.
Kids had to scoop up a spoonful of tiny marshmallows and race to the end to fill up their tea cup.
There were a lot of marshmallows in the grass afterward.

Dress Up:
After the racing, we came in and played dress-up to get everyone fancy for our tea party.
The girls made Fancy Tea Party Hats with butcher paper and adorned them with flowers and feathers.
There was candy jewelry, feather boas, and beads galore for the girls as well.
The boys decorated top hats and cardboard ties with stickers and crayons.

Tea Time:
Once we were all dressed, it was time for tea!
Or at least, sandwiches, crackers, and snacks.

Tea Party Etiquette:
My favorite part of the party, was when all 18 kids sat at the table,
and they were almost completely silent, eating their snacks.
While they were eating I told them some silly tea party etiquette.
For instance: drink with your pinky's up, and perhaps they could talk with an accent!

The Birthday Girl's favorite part was everyone singing "Happy Birthday to You!"
and of course blowing out the candles.

Present Time:
Then it was time to open some presents, and actually it was A LOT of presents with 18 kids attending.
While that craziness was happening, we turned on Alice in Wonderland for the kids to watch.

End of Party Activities:
Birthday Girl's Big Sister put herself in charge of a ribbon dancer follow-the-leader game,
and some kids continued watching Alice in Wonderland.

Picture Time:
Before anyone left, we had to get some pictures of these fancy little kids.
I have to say...I think they do fancy quite well.

Each child went home with a miniature tea set and a goodie bag with fun kid stuff.
I would have loved to go to a party like this when I was a girl and I'm sure
 Birthday Girl will treasure this party for a very long time!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Grand Opening of Bespoke Coworking, Demo & Events at Westfield

Today, Westfield Corporation officially unveiled Bespoke, the first coworking, tech demo and event space designed to support retail innovation, developed in an effort to bring together big brands and startups, developers and designers, freelancers and free-spirits all in the name of collaboration and inspiration.

Strategically located at the intersection of San Francisco’s tech and retail marketplaces, Bespoke provides a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs, brands and retailers to research, create, collaborate, refine, showcase and debut work all within the Centre – home to more than 20 million annual visitors and a built-in network of more than 200 established retailers and restaurants.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

NEW Vidal Sassoon Salonist: Spring Beauty Trends & Colorist Tricks

With the warm months ahead, Vidal Sassoon Salonist Permanent At-Home Colour will give new life to your style this spring and summer!

Effortless Hair Color
  • From the runway to the red carpet, it’s safe to say that the effortless hair color trend is here to stay. Celebs such as Diane Kruger and Khloe Kardashian are ditching their ombre and dip-dye looks for warmer shades and all-over multidimensional color. With the NEW breakthrough Vidal Sassoon Salonist the hottest new trend in hair color can be yours at home.

 Lighten Up For Summer
  • From golden to cool to neutral, Vidal Sassoon Salonist has blonde and brunette shades that are perfect for your lightened up look this summer. According to Vidal Sassoon Global Ambassador, Duffy, “Simple changes such as a two to three shade changes are easily achieved at home,” so kick your color up two levels this season for a sun-kissed and effortless look.

Spend More Time Outside, Not on Your Hair Color
  • Now that the warm months are upon us, you should spend less time coloring your hair and more time outside! With Vidal Sassoon Salonist’s easy to use two-step formula, you can achieve multidimensional hair color in 30 minutes flat. Salonist incorporates colorists’ #1 secret – treating roots and lengths separately – for rich hair color, full of depth and tones.  

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

World's most comfy tee shirts on sale now from Life is Good!

For a limited time only, Life is good's Tried and True Crusher Tees are 2 for $40! The color? Your call. The design? You decide.

Lifeisgood Women's Engraved Nice Daisy Crusher VeeLifeisgood Women's I Like It Here Camo Heart Crusher Tee, Smoky Gray, XXL

Makeup Bag Essentials: Conair, Lumene, Smashbox

Time to spring clean your makeup bag!  Out with the old and in with the necessities.  Keep it fresh and simple with the basics: quick hair tools, SPF, lip color + balm and a hair brush… Check out a few of my faves from Smashbox, Lumene, Conair and Scunci

(From left to right) Scunci  printed barrette, fabulous Conair Detangling Brush (isn’t it gorge?), Travel Size Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C Day Cream (for quick SPF touch ups!), Sun Bum SPF 30 Lip Balm (can’t forget about lips!) and Smashbox AlwaysSharp Lip Liners…my fave trick to create a matte, bright lip that stays on FOREVER. Fill in and DONE!