Thursday, June 25, 2015

Celebrate National Orange Blossom Day with Krigler and Soap & Paper Factory

On Saturday, June 27th, we will celebrate National Orange Blossom Day. Celebrate this pleasantly fragrant flower and bring a little zest to your scent with these luxe offerings from Krigler and Soap & Paper Factory.

  • Krigler Juicy Jasmine 30Bursting with the delicate fragrance of Jasmine, this natural and fresh scent captures the feel of Cote d'Azur from Grasse, France . A bouquet of Hyacinth and fruity Orange Blossom combines with exotic Lily of the Valley and tropical Ylang-Ylang for an energetic and sparkling feel, while rich Gaiac Wood and Almond perfectly balance the fragrance. Made from the purest Jasmine flowers, this exquisite scent is spontaneous and delightful (, $320)
  • Krigler Dolce Tuberose 43Take a promenade down the Italian Riviera with this elegant and poetic scent, passing by Portofino and San Remo on a fragrance journey. The sweet scent of Tuberose mingles with warm Rose Wood and exotic Ylang-Ylang for a romantic and dreamlike feel, while captivating Geranium and classic Vanilla combine with zesty Orange Blossom for a smooth, delectable finish (, $320).

Friday, June 19, 2015

Long-Lasting Nails = More Summer Fun!

Spend more time this summer enjoying the sunny skies than in the salon – choose a long lasting polish instead. Keep your summer mani/pedi looking sleek and fresh with great Sally Beauty products  And did you know? Sally Beauty has an UNREAL new 12-foot Nail Studio Wall with more than 750 shades of polish.

Sally Beauty

  • No other beauty supply has as extensive an assortment of colors and brands showcased side by side to facilitate easy color and texture comparisons.
  • More than 750 shades of polish, 150 kinds of nail art and over 70 treatments to care for your nails, hands and feet.
  • An enlarged polish section will house 12-feet of polish and allow room for expansion within each brand.
  • An additional dedicated 2-foot section will showcase seasonal and “on-trend” nail and cosmetic collections.

Summer Travel Essentials: Good for You, Comfy Shoes!

Summer is in full affect and for those celebrating summer break with children, attending a destination wedding, or taking a much needed escape on their own, it is the prime time to travel!  Check out these comfy travel shoes by Vionic - with proper arch support, heel cushion, sole, etc - basically good-for-your-health-and-looks shoes (designed by a podiatrist and recommended by the APMA and Dr. Andrew Weil) that are ideal to travel in.  Great for airplanes to minimize swelling, great for boats to maximize balance, and ideal for walking which is what they were designed for.

Beach Stroll in Hawaii:

 Tide Sequins $69.95., Bella Toe post $74.95, Lizbeth t-strap sandals $99, Adrianne Backstrap Sandal $79, Adelie toe-post sandals $89

Climbing the steps of Montmartre in Paris:

 Vionic Women's Sydney Driver $129, Glenda Wedge $99, Sandal, Sondra Backstrap Slide $109, Tatiana Sandal $119

Recreation on Catalina Island:

Shopping In London 

In addition, consider these travel tips from Vionic Innovation Lab members: World Leader in Podiatry Trevor Prior, Renowned Podiatric Surgeon David Armstrong and Sports Physical Therapy Specialist Brian Hoke:
Air travel: Sitting and being immobilized in one spot at high altitudes poses the threat of circulation issues, not the least of which is the swelling of ankles and feet. To help minimize these uncomfortable travel hazards: 
  • Fly with shoes that allow you to loosen up the laces, such as jogging shoes: loosen them when you get up in the air and then tighten again when swelling comes down after disembarking.
  • Functional sandals can make it easy – and comfortable - to walk distances pain-free while minimizing swelling. They are also a must for people with prior pain.
Sightseeing: On an average day we take 8,000 to 10,000 steps, causing our calf muscles to lift up and our joints to tense. While on vacation, sightseeing can drastically increase the amount we walk. The following exercises are designed to help travelers go the distance:
  • Stretching for the Achilles tendon. Stand on the edge of a step to perform a negative stretch for tendons – bend knee for 25 secs to stretch Achilles tendon– then straighten. Repeat up to 5x whenever tightening occurs.

  • While seated and barefoot, squeeze your foot as if you have a small marble under the ball of your foot. This stretches and helps strengthen the muscles that run under metatarsals that hold feet muscles together.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Chic Summer Weekend Getaway Looks I Vera Wang

These gorgeous summer collections at Kohl’s include everything you will need to look cute while staying cool on your mini-vaca this summer including trendy jumpsuits, feminine printed dresses, embellished sandals and chic sunnies. Sweet summer styles from Princess Vera Wang and Simply Vera Vera Wang

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

International-Inspired Spa Treatments

Memorial Day marked the official start of the summer. No international travel plans for season? Retreat to one of these US spas for a luxe treatment inspired by an exotic international destination. Japan, Egypt, Turkey—these services will ensure your mind is whisked away to an exotic vacation, even if your body is still here in the states.

Shiatsu Massage at Exhale Spa at Gansevoort Meatpacking (New York City)
Finger and palm pressure, stretches, and other massage techniques come together to Shiat-you into a new state of wellbeing. This ancient therapy encourages the proper flow of Qi, or life energy, which in turn improves circulation, relieves stiff muscles, and alleviates stress. Exhale’s Shiatsu Massage is inspired by Japanese bodywork that is actually based on the theoretical framework of traditional Chinese medicine. (60 minutes; $150). Bookable via ALICE app or by phone at 212.660.6733.

Egyptian Milk and Honey Cocoon Float at Spa Toccare at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa (New Jersey)
Pamper yourself like the famous Egyptian queen. This deep moisturizing treatment guarantees velvety smooth skin and a new level of relaxation. Skin is rehydrated with a sugar scrub. High-quality oils and goat milk based moisturizing crème cover the body from head to toe as you float weightlessly cocooned in the warmth of their soft pack bed. (50 minutes; $140)

Wellness Center at The Marmara Park Avenue (New York City)
Set to open in mid-August, The Marmara Park Avenue will debut a wellness center that features a “clarity chamber” where guests will be able to enjoy traditional Turkish hammam treatments or simply unwind. The wellness center will be exclusive to hotel guests and included within the room rates but the treatment will be well worth the staycation.

Cryotherapy at The Spa at Sea Island (Georgia)
Beauty is seeing a new trend with the introduction of cryotherapy, an innovative new treatment with a sci-fi twist. If you aren’t already familiar, cryotherapy is a standing-only sauna with an ice cold twist, enveloping you in nitrogen-iced air at minus-220 degrees Fahrenheit for an exhilarating three minutes. During a 15-minute cryotherapy session at Sea Island, guests will receive a professional consultation and three minutes in the cryotherapy unit as temperatures as cold as Antarctica (60 minutes; $60)

Monday, June 01, 2015

Acne Awareness Month - Skincare Routine!

Did you know that June is Acne Awareness Month?  No?  Well, it is!! 

No matter what age you are, skin color or race, those pesky little things always crop up at the WORST times!  So how do we deal with it and how do we get rid of it FAST? Check out these great tips and products for brightening, nourishing skincare and non-pore-clogging makeup!

TIP 1: EXFOLIATE TO BRIGHTEN –Try a gentle face wash or treatment with VITAMIN C - It’s crucial to release the dead cells from the surface and allow the incredible nutrients in our skincare products to actually penetrate.

TIP 2: WATER, WATER, WATER – as Amanda Foti, Selvera’s Registered Dietitian states, “Staying hydrated is so important especially in the hot summer temps when we lose much more fluids from our body. Staying hydrated will keep energy levels up, boost your metabolism, and some studies suggest protects your skin and eyes from sun damage or fake it with products containing water AND Glycerin, which pulls moisture and water in the air into skin! 

Dietitian and Nutrition Counselor Amanda Foti, M.S., R.D., C.D.N.
a Licensed Nutritionist specializing in clinical nutrition 

TIP 3: EAT VIBRANT FOODS – THE MORE COLORS THE BETTER FOR HEALTH! – thought you’d seen the last of veggies? Think again. The brighter the veggie, the more nutrients and vitamins it has, so LOAD UP and paint your plate every color OR fake it a little by popping open one of these capsules containing essential Vitamin C

TIP 4: OIL-FREE MAKEUP TO COVER AND CONCEAL – Always make sure to reach for oil-free makeup and skincare, because, who needs to be an oil slick in the summer? Even primers should be oil-free to ensure that pores remain clog-free! 

TIP 5: MOISTURIZE!!! – Just because you have oily/dry/problem/sensitive/acne prone skin, does NOT mean you should skimp on moisturizer. Pick one: oil or cream. Trust me – slathering on a good moisturizer with brightening/nourishing properties helps skin to heal and reveal a brighter, refined texture STAT!

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