Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Chic Valentine's Day-Inspired Accessories That Will Set Your Heart Aglow

What’s pink, pretty and chic all over? Electra fashion bikes, of course! Check out some of Electra’s accessories and bicycles that are sure to show the love in the most fashionable way possible this Valentine's Day!
What color is more Valentine’s Day appropriate than pink? Check out the Loft 7D ($549.99), available in Pink Macaroon.

The Dutch-inspired Amsterdam in Deep Pink ($660) is the perfect classic meets modern accessory. 

Decked out in colorful hearts, the Heartchya 3i ($769.99) will have you riding in style.

Hop on the Tandem 7i ($1,319.99) for a Valentine’s Day cruise your honey will never forget

Electra’s ringer bells ($9.99) fit standard bicycle handlebars and make a sweet, small gift

Stay chic and safe with Electra’s helmet in Rose Quartz ($70)

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