Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Show Your Hair Some Love!!

Let’s face it, the cold is quickly approaching and it is time to think of new ways to protect your hair from further damage. Many people are unaware of the fact that damaged hair comes from more than just weather changes, hot tools, and harsh chemicals. Damaged hair is also caused by simply using the wrong brushes, combs, and accessories. Show your hair some love as the weather changes by switching any harmful items with damage free products from Revlon!

Those who love their hair will be excited to try the Revlon Perfect Style Thick and Curly Combs, Essential Coil Elastics, Silicone Elastics, and Steel Pin Brush.

NEW! Revlon® Perfect Style Thick and Curly Combs : Keeping Curls Bouncy! Love your curls and keep them bouncing with the two-piece Revlon Perfect Style Thick and Curly Combs. The long curved teeth comb is designed to delicately detangle the hair while preventing damage and the hair pick comb adds volume, tease and lift so hair is kept beautiful. Both are enhanced with Ionic Technology® to remove static for maximum shine results. 

NEW! Revlon Essential Coil Elastics : Experience the freedom of a gentle, damage-free up-do with the new Revlon Essentials Coil Elastics and Revlon Essentials Silicone Elastics. Designed for all day comfort, these elastics have a gentle-yet-strong hold to lock styles in place while preventing damage and tearing of the hair.

NEW! Revlon Silicone Elastics: Silicone elastic provides strong hold while the nylon elastics around it prevents damage of the hair. Extra grip and hold.


NEW! Revlon® Essentials Steel Pin Brush: Through thick and thin, the Revlon Essentials Steel Pin Brush makes its way through even the most difficult hair. Perfect for detangling thick and curly hair, the steel pin design penetrates hair faster and stronger while being gentle enough to use on extensions and weaves. Stubborn hair has met its match! It’s all glossy, smooth hair from here.

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